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About US

The Crafts Outlet


Shipping Locations

US Bound Orders

Tel: Toll Free 1-844-88-CRAFT (1-844-882-7238)

Email: US@thecraftsoutlet.com


Canada & Internationally Bound Orders

4910 Rue Louis B Mayer

Laval, QC H7P 0H7 
Email: CAIN@thecraftsoutlet.com


Head Office & Returns

4910 Louis B Mayer
Laval, Quebec, H7P 0H7

Tel: Toll Free 1-844-88-CRAFT (1-844-882-7238)

Fax (450) 681-8051

Email: info@thecraftsoutlet.com

 Operating Hours

Mon-Fri    9:00am-3:45pm EST 



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