Please take note of the following

  1. Actual item color do NOT and will not match the color on your Screen

  2. Actual product size does NOT will NOT  match the size on your screen

  3. For Multi packs, there is no guarantee as to which colors or how many of each color you will get in each pack. If you need exact number of a specific color, please buy separately. WE DO NOT CUSTOMIZE MIXED PACKS

  4. Colors of items might have a slightly different shade from one batch to another. If you need to match a color to an exact previously ordered shade, please call us first to check if we can still do that for you

  5. The Crafts Outlet manufactures unique shade that do not match other sites, brands or manufactures. So if you need to match your color to another supplier, we recommend that you order a small sample package first

  6. Pictures of products are samples of a batch. You are NOT going to get that exact item in the picture. We do not respond to complaints about item is NOT like picture.

  7. Most of our items are manufactured in China, items manufactured in the USA are made on machines made in China. All these machines use the Metric measuring system. We refer to the Imperial Measuring system as an approximation. For exact millimeter dependent projects, please use the metric system measurements that we provide on each and every item

  8. All our rhinestones are made of Plastic. Only the HOT-Fix rhinestones are made from glass