Artificial flowers, Gold Dipped, 0.5-inch, 12 Tulips, Purple

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Artificial flowers, Gold Dipped Tips, Tulips, 0.5-inch, 12-pc Purple with gold tips
The Crafts Outlet Brand is excited to introduce a limited series of Vintage Ribbon Roses. Artificial flowers, Gold Dipped, 0.5-inch, 12 Tulips, Purple; can be used for a variety of project such as party favors, flower arrangements, flower making, small craft projects, and Cake decoration. These roses can add a touch of nostalgia to any project. A lot can be said with a little rose, weather you would like to express a memory a feeling and acknowledge a new friendship; these are the roses for you. Add to your Gifts, party favor wrapping and decorations. Distinguish all your projects from Wedding gifts to Scrapbook Safekeeping items and more. This series of vintage Roses is available in many colors; please look for The Crafts Outlet Vintage Roses. Need help with sizing? Here is our sizing chart. For a full chart of sizes.
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