Glass Beads, assorted shapes, 6-12mm, 1-oz, Rose

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1-OZ (One Ounce) Bulk Lot Quality glass Beads assorted shapes and sizes; Transparent and Opaque Mix and opaque Black Tone mix item Size: a range of sizes from 6-12mm. Please note that a pound may contain one or none of these sizes Shapes: bugle, round, oval, pony, spotted, twirled, swirled, flowered, cubed, rectangle, cylinder, teardrops, Facetted, among others. Please note that a pound may contain one or none of these shapes These glass beads are a treasure filled bulk lot of assorted shapes, sizes and opacity you can use these for a variety of project such as Baby Keepsake items Bracelets and necklaces Earring Jewelry Embellishing scrapbook pages Unique frames for all around the house Seasonal crafts Halloween, Christmas .. (Ornaments ...) and much much more Other colors and sizes are available, please check our store on the web at or on at The Crafts Outlet for more color options Need help with sizing? Here is our sizing chart. For a full chart of sizes.
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